Rules and Regulations

  1. Members must obey the instructions of coaches at all times.
  2. Any bad behaviour such as horseplay, messing, hitting, fighting, bad or abusive language and bullying will not be tolerated.
  3. You must be a registered member of the club to train with the club, however new members may
    attend training for 2 weeks before submitting and application for membership.
  4. Anyone who is or has been a member of another club will have to make an application to the county board to approve their transfer of membership.
  5. Members should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for training and bring their own water with them for hydration.
  6. Outdoor training is subject to the weather conditions and may have to be cancelled from time to time.
  7. Any member in breach of any of the rules maybe subject to sanction of being sent home, suspension